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The Story of the Making of Revelation Illustrated

Some people find understanding the Book of Revelation a little intimidating with all the imagery and symbolic language it contains. So in 2015 I started traveling around sharing studies on Revelation 17. I would draw scenes using stick figures to help people understand these verses. I would use stick men because there were no images available for all the verses. To my surprise, this was a great success and people would often come up to take pictures of my very basic stick drawings. This gave birth to an idea. What if people had access to professional illustrations of all the verses of the entire book of Revelation?

Image from Original Presentations

With that tool in hand, people could really study and understand for themselves the messages found in this amazing book.  Given the success of my stick drawings, I decided to take steps to find out what was required to create a book with professional, realistic illustrations of the entire book of Revelation.  But where do I start?

Servio Working on Sketches for Illustrators

First, I contacted an illustrator who lived nearby and described the project to him.  When he stated the cost of one illustration, I was a bit discouraged thinking about the total number of images for all the verses and the total cost of the project.  It seemed impossible from a financial standpoint.  But in my experience with God, I knew He could open impossible doors when I moved forward in faith.  And that's exactly what happened, providing us with what we needed to move forward.

First, we gathered a team of professional illustrators that had the skill, discipline, and talent to produce the high-quality images we were after.  I converted my stick drawings into rough drafts and wrote very long detailed notes for the illustrators to know exactly what we wanted each image to look like.  It was very important for the project, that each image showed exactly what the Bible said.  This would take into account historical, geographical, and cultural facts without us adding any interpretation.  I worked on it for five years with the illustrators until we had over 260 images.   Each image was unique, beautiful, and of the highest quality.

Example Sketch sent to Illustrator3.jpg


 Final Version of Professional Illustration4.jpg

Printing began in 2019 and we aimed to launch our book in 2020. However, the crisis of the pandemic threw a curveball into our plans. As increasing uncertainty of the future, border shut downs, and many events being canceled, we had to take a step back from our book launch. 

It was difficult not to be able to share the book after all those years of hard work. However, God wanted us to learn that He was in full control of the project.  We needed to trust His timing, His blessing, and not our skills or efforts alone. We started out small, sharing the book with friends, family, and people at church. People who saw the book were always astonished and excited to have such a well done and useful tool in their hands.

Over time we have had the opportunity to share our book with more and more people around the world. It has truly been a blessing to hear testimonies of people using our book to better understand and share the gospel message.  This resource is vital in helping old and young better understand the Book of Revelation.  This is why we know every Bible believing Christian should have access to this book. 

“Wherefore gird up the loins of your mind, be sober and hope to the end for the grace that is to be brought unto you at the revelation of Jesus Christ.” (1 Peter 1:13).

This verse is in the introduction of the book and it reveals there is a treasure store of knowledge and understanding in the book of Revelation. Years before the apostle John received the visions on the island of Patmos, God gave the promise of a blessing for those who read this book. This promise is still real today for those interested in discovering the special messages God has for the people of the last days.

We are on a mission to share beautiful, engaging, and inspiring material that bring the books of the Bible to life through illustration and study. Mysteries Illustrated offers readers a verse by verse look at the book of Revelation, uninterrupted by interpretation…just the Bible verses and the corresponding images so you can study for yourself the messages found within this book.

It is our purpose that people learn to love and appreciate the messages God has given us in His inspired Word.

We are prayerfully getting ready to launch our future projects, illustrating other books of the Bible.  We can’t wait to see what God has in store for us and hope that the resources we are creating are an inspiration to you and those you care about.

Servio Cordoba
General Editor